Collection: Pierogi Courier / NZ Wide

Pierogi Courier Services are now available year long! 

Please read the instructions below before placing your order. 

1. All orders must be shipped to a business name and address. Residential addresses will not be accepted by the courier company. We suggest using your workplace or a neighborhood business that gives you permission. Any orders that we receive to a residential address will be refunded. 

We supply 1 large chilltainer box included in the courier fee and chilled/frozen  transport. 
Max weight of box is 20kg. We will advise you if your order goes over and adjust order accordingly. 

Recommended Order: 

You can order up to 20 dozen pierogi which should fit into the courier box nicely.

2. We can not deliver to rural business addresses. Non rural only.

South Island $45
North Island $65

If you have questions, get in touch prior to ordering. or call Kate #02102242262

We apologize for the costs of shipping but perishable items require overnight and  chilled/ frozen transport. During this health pandemic the courier companies have had an increased demand making it expensive for small businesses and their customers. The good news, the more orders we receive, the better the rate we can offer you via the courier company. So keep those orders coming.


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