Pierogi for breakfast?

Pierogi BreakfastPierogi for breakfast? 
That's a BIG yes from us. 
Pierogi are the ultimate comfort food and so very versatile. 

We suggest a simple pierogi filling, like potato and cheese, boiled then fried. 
3-6 pierogi will be plenty for 1-2 people. 

Next, fry some eggs. A fresh free range is perfection. 

Add your protein! Baked beans, streaky bacon or a big ol' cheese kransky. 
We love Euro Gourmet Meats on Colombo Street or Grater Goods on Orbell. 

Personally, we love sautéed onions and mushrooms with breakie, but a simple side salad will do too. 

Don't forget sauce. Sour cream, chutney, hot sauce or a relish will do nicely. 

Next time your thinking of sleeping in followed by a big breakfast, grab your pierogi out of the freezer and whip this dish up!

Pairs well with hot coffee or a craft beer. 

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